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Last updated Dec 17, 2022

📶 I create electrical models of transistors used in radio communication devices

🎙️ I co-host a lifestyle podcast - Half Life Show

✏️ I mostly ponder about writing more about radio frequency integrated circuits on my tech blog

# Health

Over the past year, I have focused on improving health through exercise and nutrition. I weight train 3x per week, and try to incorporate animal-based foods when possible. Stretching is an important part of my evening routine. I usually get at least 7 hours of sleep.

# Music

I play in the community rock band at Villa Musica. I was a former lead guitarist for FUSED. I was a founding member of Black Earth. I’ve been focusing on alternative and sweep picking techniques to add flurry to my metal lead playing. Jon Bjork has some reallly good tips, and I took lessons for a while with Straten Marshall.

# Self-hosting

I host my own cloud storage with Nextcloud and my google photos alternative is Photoprism. I have a home server whose specs I’ll list out at some point, but it’s fairly simple and low powered. I host a slew of other services too, but maybe more on that later.

# Books

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins has had an immense impact on how I think about myself, and what I am capable of. Embracing the hard things in life has definitely had a positive impact on my life. A more detailed reading list is here.

# Podcast list

I am a fairly heavy podcast listener. Here is my current rotation.

Last update: Dec 16, 2022